Interior updates that will make your home shine

Interior updates that will make your home shine

          Many of us dream about changing the entire interior of our homes for at least once a year. If you’re one of many who quickly get bored by the same old furniture, decorations and colors, there’s a simple solution. You don’t have to move to another house or apartment to feel the excitement and enjoy the new interior design. According to 27 Diamonds, one of the best Pasadena interior designers online, you just need to use some creativity and follow simple, small steps and make a big change. Let’s talk about innovative interior updates that will make your home shine again.

Here are some easy how to steps to follow if you’re looking for simple things you can change in the interior. We invite you to keep an open mind and be creative.



      Did you ever explore your creativity and various skills that you could use for redesigning your home? Internet is full of DIY tutorials that explain step-by-step every single thing you can imagine changing or even making yourself. Why wouldn’t you try to make your very first bookshelf or redesigning bedroom curtains by adding some lace? It’s all about using your imagination. It’s very fun and it only takes a little bit of practice. The best of all is that these projects do not require lots of money. It’s a fast, fun and money friendly way of improving your interior. Our love goes to DIY projects that teach you how to redecorate small things, but make a big change: small, decorative pillows, curtains, candle holders… Search for tutorials online and see the before and after effects. It will help you decide on where to start.

Decorating on a budget can be colorful and chic!




      What’s the most impressive thing about a five star hotel room? It feels fresh, clean and modern. How do they do it? The number one is keeping it clean. It means that you have to remove all the things hanging off your chairs, all the unnecessary decoration of the shelves and organize everything. Keeping it clean also means that bedclothes must give the impression of freshness. It can easily be made by using clean, white sheets. When doing laundry, make sure you add some extra scented softeners. By the bed it should always be a little, romantic lamp that will add some warmness. Another interior tip for making your bedroom a five star hotel room is adding some artwork. Nice painting will add an unforgettable touch of luxury.





      If there was one single thing that is always modern and has the greatest capability to make a house or an apartment a true home, it would certainly be natural materials. Replace all the metal details and all the decoration made of plastic with wooden parts, if possible. Use also perfectly natural fabrics as linen to cover chairs and beds. Hang wooden carved frames on the wall. It will bring freshness and warmness. Click here for a list of green interior design companies.


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Interior design – make your house your personal story

Interior design – make your house your personal story

          It was Coco Chanel who said that an interior is the natural projection of the soul. No doubt the best interior design will always be living with people you love. Nevertheless, you should make the best possible use of available space and elements, making your house your personal story.

Whether your home has dozen of rooms or you live in a small, modest apartment, it’s still the place where you spend private moments and your everyday routine. It should be cozy and inspiring, but purposeful and practical.

Most people consider designing of their house to be personal thing to do. The concept of having a stranger arranging your living space could seem awkward. On the other hand, it can be rather tricky to create a harmonious blend of furniture and household items that will be both, functional and representative of your lifestyle.

This is probably the point where you should consider a professional interior designer’s helping hand. A home decorator is a person educated and skilled to capture the spirit of the client and the essence of the space and combine them into unique livable layout.

Get an insight into the world of an interior designer

Very often, this profession isn’t taken seriously enough, though there are numerous reasons to seek the help of experts in design and decoration.

If you got yourself a new home, empty rooms are like a blank canvas waiting to be creatively used. Designers have an open-minded view of the space and full attention focused on details. They know how to achieve adequate  proportions, organize elements of different shape and size and use various color patterns, textures and fabrics.

Professionals can, also, offer you a great new ideas on how to entirely redecorate your home, without investing in all – new furniture. Either they will rearrange existing pieces in a whole new manner, either they’ll suggest you to get a few home accessories that will instantly liven the house up. The spectrum of these accessories is unlimited. You can use photos and pictures to decorate your walls, coffee tables or book shelves to center your furniture differently, a well – placed rug to add new texture and warmth to your floor. And of course, there’s always a light – a magical ingredient of any space.


A skilled, creative and experienced interior designer can, also, help you with organizing a small office workspace in your house, redoing your backyard, figuring out where to place one more bathroom or how to create more functional space plan in a small apartment.

So, if you’re considering investing in some living space changes, do some smart research and work with reliable experts. Specify your needs and wishes, available budget and approximate deadlines, take a good look at portfolios of various designers and finally choose a decorator that fits your style and needs.

Some interior designers charge an hourly rate, some charge a flat rate. Costs vary depending on job specifications and services, so feel free to compare price lists of multiple professionals before picking right one.

Interior design is a business of trust. But if you hire an experienced and reliable interior designer whose judgment you can lean on, your house will become so much more than just a mere shelter.

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Improve your bathroom floor – Interior design

Improve your bathroom floor – Interior design

           Bathroom is a room that isn’t any less important than any other room in the house and this is the room you want to stay on trend. Home owners, buyers and sellers caregreatly how this room looks and functions and you should too. The first thing you see when you walk in is the floor and it should be properly maintained. Bathroom floor is admired for its shine and color, but if you’re taking care of it, you should also consider how long it will hold up in its particular environment and how much maintenance will it require. We’ve prepare a several ideas for your next bathroom floor makeover in this article so stick around and find out what they are.

First idea is Luxury Vinyl. Luxury vinyl is a new category of flooring and this flooring combines the durability of vinyl and the high end look of hardwood or even stone. One of the most popular options among homeowners is vinyl that mimics the look of wood. This material can also be fitting for kitchens and laundry rooms because its resistant to moisture and it looks really pretty. This material requires low maintenance and is warm to the touch as well as soft under foot. This is a number one choice we would recommend.

Learn how to lay sheet vinyl flooring

The next idea we’ve got for you is Laminate. Laminate can handle large amount of traffic and it will keep its composure for a substantial amount of time. One great feature about laminate flooring is that it mimics hardwood very well, not many people will be able to tell the difference. It’s very resistant to moisture and stains so it makes laminate the perfect flooring for bathrooms. A great feature about laminate is that it’s easy and affordable way to upgrade your bathroom floor without having to completely rip apart the entire space.

Modern Laminate Floor in Bathroom

Modern Laminate Floor in Bathroom

As a third option – Bamboo and Cork. This is an environmentally friendly flooring and its materials are made from tropical grasses that replenish themselves in the wild every few years. Bamboo is known for its warmth and durability and engineered bamboo planks are by far the most durable bamboo floors and best at moisture resistance, on the other hand cork is great for walking with bare feet because of its warmth and cushion. Both bamboo and cork will work great for your bathroom.

Natural bamboo flooring in bathroom

Natural Bamboo Flooring in Bathroom

A revolutionary design that made everyone who uses them be filled with joy, our fourth option – Heated floors. You might now consider this a great feature during the hot days, but as the days get shorter and colder you will appreciate you heated floors more and more. There’s nothing better than stepping on your heated floor when going out of shower on those chilly nights. Anyone who has ever used them can hardly miss the opportunity of having them in their bathroom. This system can be easily installed under tile, hardwood or any other popular flooring surface.


Next time you renovate your bathroom floor, remember this article and you won’t go wrong.

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Modern design for your kitchen

Modern design for your kitchen

          Kitchen is more than a place where you cook and eat your meals, it is also a place where you probably spend most of your time and enjoy your Sunday meals in the circle of your family. Kitchen is a heart of your soul, it should be welcoming and warm, no matter what you want to do update and change it a little bit, design new kitchen, renovate or redecorate you should always keep that on your mind. In Kitchen as well as in other rooms in your home you should feel comfortable, safe and satisfied with the look of it, so to say “as in your own house”, here are a few ideas you can steal and make it a little bit more stylish.

Black and white kitchen never goes out of fashion, however if you want all white kitchen, at least try to pick tiles with interesting black patterns on it, it will make your kitchen look fun and stylish. Floating shelves are always a good idea for your kitchen, other than looking fantastic it is useful for keeping your spices, bowls or jars on it.

If you want to make some change in your kitchen, and don’t want to spend a lot of money, the easiest and cheapest but effective trick you should do is paint your cabinets in some vibrant color, it will give your kitchen a completely new look and everybody will be surprised.

Interesting idea you can do to freshen up your kitchen is buy or use a bookshelf you already have and line it back with wallpapers and then stack your plates, glasses, bowls inside it, you can also stack your books or decorations that are dear to you on it. Wallpapers on the back of your bookshelf can be in different colors or with different patterns, harmonize it with your kitchen and enjoy in the changes this little thing can bring.


Having a piece of wooden furniture like a large dining table in the center of your black and white kitchen may give it a little more ‘life’ and warmth.

Kitchen without storage rack you can say isn’t a stylish kitchen at all, other than giving it a spectacular and modern look it will become your favorite storage place, you should hang pots and pans you use frequently and facilitate your cooking.

Chandeliers hanging from your ceiling are a great way to give your kitchen a luxurious touch, it is certainly unexpected and it can make your cooking time easier and more interesting.


Having kitchen island is maybe the most amazing thing a modern kitchen could have, it bring families closer when they gather around it for a late morning breakfast or afternoon cup of coffee. Kitchen islands can be suitable for hidden storage, you can store all of your groceries and utensils that you don’t use so often in it. Surely it is a thing all women can see in their favorite TV shows and it is unavoidable component of their dream kitchen.

Make the center of your kitchen stand out with these eye-catching ideas

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Details and trim in the interior of the home

Details and trim in the interior of the home

          Regardless of all the other elements in the interior of the home, such as for example furniture or paint the walls, to be complete it is necessary to enter details and ornaments. A few small details or a few decorations in the right place, aligned with the style of decoration and color can completely change the look and bring a distinctive touch to any space.

      Carpet is one of the main details which can contribute to room look especially because first of all it adds warmth, highlights or linking existing color and visually connects all the different parts of the decor. The carpet with a pronounced pattern would look good in a simple room with no other elements that could create a focal point in the room. The colors do not have to stand out, and the carpet can become a “star” decor only through patterns or textures. If you use more than one carpet in the room needs to be updated in style and not to be the same size, it will visually reduce the room in half.


Minimalist living room with black and white carpet

      Decorative pillows are the details, which are widely used in the interior of the home as accents. They are probably the least expensive, and fast-changing decor. In the living room dominated by neutral colors, you can opt for vibrant colors, patterns or both. For more impact, combine them so that you get a dynamic, cheerful decor. If many colors are always a good choice decorative pillows neutral or pastel colors.


      Almost every room in the house can be beautified by adding chandeliers. Small chandeliers with graceful curves or shapes shimmering crystal drops, petals of flowers are interesting details in the hallway or kitchen. The antique chandelier can always fit in a classic dining room, a chandelier in the predominantly red and white living room create a cozy ambience.

      The work of art can completely change the atmosphere and decor of the room, and a room that is neutral and cold becomes dynamic and attractive. The neutral decor, using bright colors and colorful works of art to improve the balance in the decor more vibrant colors neutral colors, to establish harmony. Depending on the style of decorating, select your artwork. If the living room is decorated with more select pieces that will “merge” with him, and if it is almost undecorated revive with pop or classical piece of art of bright colors. Try to create one or two focal points, or distribute works of art all over the room. From vintage to modern design mirror is the perfect accessory for any room in the home. Mirror has several advantages, of reflecting style and color artworks or adjacent walls to create special lighting effects.

How to style a room in six different ways by switching up the artwork

      Nothing works better than in the interior of the home from playing with natural elements. High glass vase or bowl with lemons, oranges can become inexpensive natural interesting details in the kitchen, but also a functional element, handy for cooking or juicing.

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Best home interior ideas for a small apartment

Best home interior ideas for a small apartment

      When you have a small apartment you might think there isn’t much things to do to change its look, but you would be wrong. Changing interior of small apartments can be fun, you can do it more often and it is surely cheaper than makeover of the whole house. Enhancing the small thing in your lovely home can give it completely different look.

When you are having trouble with big furniture which leaves no free space in your little apartment than space-saving furniture is the perfect thing for you.

      Hidden storage furniture such as wicker baskets that can be amazing to the eye but also can have multiple purposes you can store towels, books, toys or magazines into it. Decorative storage ottoman or storage coffee table that you can open and hide thing in it can be a perfect thing for your small apartment, useful and beautiful too.

      Apartment-sized sofas and seating is what you need the most. Nowadays, furniture stores can offer you a lot of different apartment-sized sofas with less arm space and therefore more seating space and they usually are more modern and it looks prettier than those big old sofas that can use all of your apartment’s space. Also remember to chose sleeper sofa if you can, because it may be useful when you expect some guest for a sleepover.

Comfortable sleeper sofa

Comfortable sleeper sofa

      Bookcases not only are they useful in many different ways but they also look very stylish, you can find them in all shapes, sizes and colors. Bookcases can be used as a room divider, which is very trendy these days, it can be used as a coffee, breakfast or bedside table or as a place for your laptop. One more great idea is to hang wall-mounted bookcase and tuck an ottoman or a bench under it, which can be handy when you need additional seating.

      When you buy your furniture the next thing you need to do is surely decorate your place. Piled pillows on your sofa can make your room warmer and give it your personal touch, buy one, two or even three sets of pillows of different patterns, colors and materials and enjoy the view they will give to your room. Chose your pillows a little bigger so that can be used as a seating when you have visitors.


      Throw rugs can be an outstanding way to decorate your small apartment but you should make sure that it is placed on the perfect spot which won’t make your apartment even smaller and it will give your apartment more warmth and comfort.

      All you have to do now is to add pictures and canvases on your apartment walls if possible in darker colors, they don’t use your space but can give your apartment a modern and a trendy look.


      If you still have some place left, at least in your corners or on bedside tables great way to decorate your living space is to add plants. Other than serving a decorating purpose it is healthy having them, they absorb all kinds of gasses that can be bad for you.

      Proverb “Good things come in small packages” is famous for all the right reasons, designing it in a modern way can make you proud of your small apartment.

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